Storytelling in Dubai


After exploring the Dubai Mall our entire group went back to the hotel to get ready for the New Year’s Eve celebration happening in a few hours. We met downstairs in the main lobby to head out to 800 Pizza, right across the street from our hotel. The margherita pizza was amazing! Once we were all finished we moseyed our way over to the mall again to try and find good seats for the fireworks show. Some of the other students from the group knew a way to get to the water so we quickly followed them to the destination. As soon as we walk up and see the water, Michael Jackson’s Thriller started blaring through the speakers. Water is shooting up into the air as high as five hundred feet. Blue, green, and purple lights radiate throughout the water. So this is what everyone was talking about. The Dubai Mall fountain was spectacular. So spectacular that every thirty minutes they have another water show choreographed to a different song. I could sit there all day and watch every show and never get bored. It was beautiful and something I will always remember.

Throughout the night I kept thinking to myself that this is the first year I won’t be able to watch Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve. It’s strange when traditions start to become a distant memory. Now since watching it every year, I’m so used to a countdown. 11:53pm. Maybe they’ll start it with five minutes to go. Glance down at the phone again, 11:59pm. I stare up at the Burj Khalifa not knowing what to expect once the clock strikes midnight. No one else around us is counting down either. No one kissed at midnight. Everyone just stared in awe at what was happening before them. Fireworks spewed out of the Burj as well as the hotels surrounding us. Now I’m used to seeing Disneyland fireworks on New Year’s Eve and I have to say, sorry Disneyland but the Burj Khalifa beats you any day. It was magnificent. The best part of it all? Being able to experience it with a million other people (yes, a million). Happy New Year from Dubai!









If these pictures aren’t enough for you, take a look at this video:

Have a sparkling 2013.

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