Storytelling in Dubai

It’s a small world

We spent most of our day in Sharjah visiting the Islamic Museum and the Blue Souk. On our way through Sharjah, we passed their city beach. Definitely different than Newport or Huntington Beach but it is the only beach that we’ve been to that requires you to follow a dress code. It was refreshing to see something different than the usual bikinis and speedos you see at the beach. If I had the chance, I would have loved to get a photo of five emirati women sitting on the beach in their full abayas with the waves crashing behind them. Simply breathtaking. Around the corner from that beach is Ajamn, the fourth emirate we’ve been able to visit. Seeing the difference between the two beaches makes you think about the beach and why you go. Sharjah beaches are meant for picnics with family and Ajamn beaches are meant for sunbathing, volleyball, and swimming. Again, it was refreshing to see the beach in a different light.

First stop: The Islamic Museum. Four separate galleries featuring the Qur’an, technology, ceramics, and textiles. I was in heaven. I learned everything from clothing the house of Allah, calligraphy of the Holy Qur’an, textiles and burials, and to the adaptability of Islamic design and the influence it had on Europe. Walking through all the displays and seeing different kinds of prints and ways to use textiles was fascinating. My personal favorite is the fabric that incorporates some of the Arabic language into the print, something I’ve seen a lot of since being in Dubai. I truly have been inspired here in Dubai and I’m looking forward to what’s next with my art pieces.

Later that night we met up with Eric Griebenow and Khaled Al-Zaabi, two recent PLU Alums at Jumeirah Beach Resort for dinner. It was fun to sit down with both of them and talk about everything from what they miss about the states, to what’s their favorite thing to do in Dubai. It’s amazing to think of how big this world is that we live in but how small it feels when you run into a past friend or colleague. It must be a small world after all.








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