Storytelling in Dubai

“99 ways to tell a story”

One more week in Dubai, which means project 01 is due! The class read “99 ways to tell a story” before starting the project. It made us think about how to tell a story using perspective, imagery, audio, video, etc. Whatever inspires us. Using experiences pre and post Dubai, we looked at the differences of everyday life in Dubai to that of Washington. During the desert safari, I was singing along to the radio and realized that they don’t censor songs over in Dubai. Growing up I was not allowed to purchase songs off of iTunes that were explicit. I listened to Radio Disney, contemporary Christian music, eventually to KIIS FM. Even on the radio no matter the genre, it was censored. This is what inspired me for the first project. I wanted to compare and contrast the differences of censorship in the UAE to that of the USA. I came to realize that radio censorship was difficult to find information on so I expanded my search to that of all media, film, television, internet, etc. I was immediately caught up with film and all there was to it. The first site I came across talked about an Emirati film director who showed his film, City of Life, in the UAE. The description started off with men drinking vodka in the desert and see women in miniskirts dancing across the room from them. It starts to lead you in the direction you think it would go which ended up getting the director caught in a crossfire of comments saying they expected more from an emirati and to immediately take it down. This sounds like something you would find in theaters or on television back in the states so why would it be an issue here? Well, the United Arab Emirates has a strict censorship policy. The three restrictions are no pornography, anything that goes against the Islamic religion, or anything that talks badly about the government or current ruling sheikhs. While researching I came across a list of banned films as well as modified films. Banned films included Brokeback Mountain, 300, and Black Swan, meaning these were never shown in theaters. Now the modified films were shown in theaters but only after going through an inspection process. When Bruce Almighty was shown in the UAE, Morgan Freeman was never in movie since he portrayed God throughout the film. Both Sex and the City films ended up being a thirty minute film after cutting out all of the sex scenes. There is still so much more information on all of this that I have decided to make this my final project. While working on the first project and how I wanted to present it, with the help of my professor, we came up with the idea of showing the information as an info graphic. I start to think, “yeah!” but then realized illustration is not my strong suit, at all. So after many hours, I finished my first info graphic! While there are things that I could change to it, I felt that I represented all of my research and displayed the facts well. Take a look at my first project and stay tuned for the next two!

After presenting our projects, a few of us decided to get lunch and dessert over by the Burj. We went to two different Dean & Deluca’s, one for a late lunch and the other for dessert. We even caught the fountain shows again! This concludes the end of our free days which means the start of a new week and our last week in Dubai. I’m now going to curl up in bed and look through my new books about Arabic patterns and careers in fashion and textiles 🙂 Goodnight world.



Beautiful sunset over Dubai.


Can’t get enough of the fountain shows here.

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